PWI Myanmar

Several years ago, I attended the Proskuneo Worship Institute in the USA. As a worship-leading student, I learned to conquer my fear of singing in front of people. But more than that, they taught me so many new spiritual things. In January 2019, teachers from Proskuneo Worship Institute came to Yangon, Myanmar to help us further spread the Word of God by painting the walls in our classroom. Because of their sacrifice, we are able to share the Word of God with the non-christian children from our community using the Bible stories painted on the wall. Our community is praying for Proskuneo Worship Institute and their ministry from Yangon, Myanmar.

~Meenge (Emily), Director of Hively Learning Center

If you are interested in taking Proskuneo Worship Institute to other parts of the world with us, you must first attend PWI as a student. The next opportunity in the USA will be in 2023. Keep checking our website or fill out our contact form and we will send you information directly through email as soon as it is available.