PWI Thailand

Proskuneo Worship Institute taught me how important it is to prepare for worship. I learned by watching your team. We could see how God prepared your team in every program you presented.

~Eh T’ler Eh

At Proskuneo Worship Institute in Thailand I learned that each of us is important and we all have something to do for God.

~Htoo Nay Ah

At Proskuneo Worship Institute I learned about songwriting. Now I know how to take my ideas and write a better song.

~Tha Gay

I learned from Proskuneo Worship Institute that we can use different materials and be creative to get other people’s hearts to connect to God in worship.

~Say Kaw

I learned that God made me to worship Him!


Through the Proskuneo Team I learned that we can use any of our talents for worshiping God. We gather all of our talents and use them together in the worship service.

~K’Baw Paw

Now the worship in my church is very traditional. When I go back to my church after school, I will use what I learned from Proskuneo Worship Institute to help me.

~Zion Say

Proskuneo Worship Institute is like our family. They taught us a lot of things about worship and leading worship. We learned how to know and use the gifts that God has given.

~Yoe Yoe

If you would like to be a part of the team that takes Proskuneo Worship Institute to Thailand, the only prerequisite is that you attend a PWI prior to going. Upcoming opportunities to attend PWI are available in the Dominican Republic (April 20) and in the US (August 1-4) this summer.