PWI Thailand

When we worship in different languages and cultures at PWI, we match the need of the worshippers. It shows that no matter how we are different, we are one in Christ. Only in Christ is there unity, peace, and love.

~Htee Khu Htoo

When joining with Proskuneo Worship Institute I have seen many nations and tribes come to worship God in one body. The songs that we sing bring the blessing for the people.

~ Revelation Poom

We need to worship with a fresh heart. We can worship with music and without music. At Proskuneo Worship Institute I learned that it is important to respect each other in worship and cooperate together.

~ Lar K’Baw Htoo

From working with Proskuneo Worship Institute I learned that when we use other languages in worship we will touch more than one group of people.  It shows that we care and appreciate their language so they will feel more special. It is also important to choose songs that relate to the audience or situation.

~ Kweh K’Lu Htoo

It was so great for me to use different languages when worshipping together at PWI. My heart has become willing to do something new.

~ Eh K’lu Wah

I used to live in isolation, but at Proskuneo Worship Institute I learned that creativity motivates people and helps them to express emotion. I joined with the team and that has changed how I behaved in the past.

~ Tha Hsoe Taw

I have learned to go beyond my limitations. Sometimes our traditional worship is my limitation so it really inspired me to worship in different ways. Because of PWI, my eye is opened to seeing the bigger picture in the future.

~ Hsa La Khu

If you are interested in taking Proskuneo Worship Institute to other parts of the world with us, you must first attend PWI as a student. The next opportunity in the USA will be in 2023. Keep checking our website or fill out our contact form and we will send you information directly through email as soon as it is available.