What to Expect

Proskuneo Worship Institute is a two week intensive of learning in diverse community designed to help you take your next step as a worshiper, worship artist, or worship leader. PWI is Monday through Saturday from July 9–21. Each day will afford you time to practice, worship, create, collaborate, and learn. Each week will provide you with the opportunity to be poured into by a teacher who knows your craft (instrument, art form, etc).

Watch this video for a taste of PWI, or scroll down for a look at PWI in previous years:


Spend time with the Lord in daily corporate worship.

Biblical Teaching

Gain insight into your role as an artist and worshiper with Biblical teaching.

Focused Workshops

Gain new perspectives on developing your worship and your art.

Multicultural Outreach

Open your eyes to the world around you during multicultural training and outreach.

Build Relationships

Have fun and build relationships that will remain long beyond PWI.

One-on-One Mentoring

Develop your craft with one-on-one mentoring in your art form.

Practice Time

PWI gives you plenty of dedicated practice time to work on growing as an artist.

Be Still and Know

Take time alone with God to pray and study during Be Still and Know.

Small Groups

Process and apply the week’s teaching in a small group setting.

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